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Graphic Design in a Digital World

Is your business really competing in a digital world?

Fresh new content is the driving force behind any business that relies on the strength of their online presence such as their website and social media channels.

Hey look, me too! I’m adding fresh new content to our website. Then I’ll be using our social media channels and email marketing product to communicate this new blog piece to our customers, potential customers and the world at large.

But not everything has to be text. We may design a customer’s artwork for a promotional flyer and then develop a social media ‘friendly version’ to be posted and shared. Your communication channels have to continuously and consistently get your company’s message out to your customers and potential customers.

Graphic design is an amazing skill and tool for coming up with some fab new ideas for promotional campaigns and adverts that can be used to help you build your online presence and drive traffic to your website. Equally, your offline presence through flyers, banners and business cards.

At Northview Creative our clients provide a brief for our graphic designers to work on a project and they are rest assured that our artwork designs will work across different platforms from print, web and social media.

We can help you plan your online and offline marketing strategy to ensure you maximise the value of our graphic design service.

Email Phil – or call him on 07833 454 253 to arrange an appointment.

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