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Printing is History

Really? Printing is history, what do you think?

Since 2009 against a backdrop of an unprecedented global financial meltdown the printing industry has been beaten black and blue. I don’t think it’s because no one wanted to print their flyers, posters etc to keep promoting their businesses, the problem seemed to be a lack of customers to promote their businesses to.

For many, a less expensive route was to use social media to communicate with their target audience. Well this is all well and good if you know how to use social media and secondly know how to target and build the right audience.

Printing now seems to be recovering. Our sales of printed goods have risen over the last 12 months. I do believe that as part of any company’s marketing strategy that printed materials are equally important. I always remember discussing marketing in college and how the marketeers reach their audience. This was before the days of social media but applying the principles of marketing, if someone is entrenched in the digital world will your online efforts effectively reach that person?

Therefore, will it take a physical printed piece of marketing material as a different way of communicating to make your business stand out to your customer? One top tip is that regardless of your marketing materials being digital or physical it really is important to ensure that the message is what the customer wants or needs to understand.

We have a range of standard printed products such as flyers, posters and banners and can provide a quote for a whole range of bespoke items such as menus, brochures and leaflets. Using our branding and marketing experience you can rely on us to help shape your marketing materials to reach your audience and maximise their value.

Email or call me on 07833 454 253 to arrange an appointment.

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