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Client: Camerons Brewery, Tooth and Claw Brand

Camerons is the 11th biggest brewery by volume in the UK.

Sector: Food & Drink

Northview Creative were tasked in create all the hand drawn illustration elements of the brand, including 3D renders of the beer cans and can labels, in addition all marketing collateral. As part of a multitude of designs within the Tooth and claw beer range it was important to stay within its previous style whilst developing the Into the stratashere idea. Again like previous Tooth and Claw designs the name is a play on words, stratosphere was replaced with ‘stratasphere’ this was due to the type of hops used within the brew, i.e Strata hops. The initial consultation with the client deemed that although in truth, the stratosphere is quite an empty place, a decision was made to include other elements of the space around the Earth. Given this, our team set to work creating firstly basic hand drawn elements using felt tip pens before converting them to digital illustration which later they added colour to, if you look carefully you will see such elements as flying saucers, Mount Everest, rocket ships, satellites, planets, moons, spaceman, including Felix Baumgartner (who free fell to earth from space) and a dog going into space to signify Laika the first animal to orbit the planet on Sputnik 2 on 3 November 1957. As a bit of fun we also included the carnivorous spaceship hunter from the James Bond movie ‘you only live twice’


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